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Centre Radio offers a range of ShoutCast and IceCast streaming plans to get you ‘on the air’ today!

Kiwi-owned and run in Auckland

Use the code Take100 and get the first month free

Use the code Take100 for first month free
5GB Auto DJ Storage
128k Audio Quality
200 Concurrent Listeners
Unlimited Bandwidth
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Use the code Take100 for first month free
10GB Auto DJ Storage
192K Audio Quality
500 Concurrent Listeners
Unlimited Bandwidth
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Use the code Take100 for first month free
20GB Auto DJ Storage
320K CD Audio Quality
1000 Concurrent Listeners
Unlimited Bandwidth
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We love radio, love what we do, and want to see you succeed in your internet broadcast ambitions. We’re young, hungry and keen to please. With our friends at Instant Radio Station, we are starting a digital radio revolution!

Cancel your account at any time, there’s no contracts and you are not locked in to anything. You are in control.

Radio Jingles

Powerful station IDs and kicking DJ name drops

Just $19.95 each

Our Steve and Jodie can voice IDs for you – take a listen.

Here’s our Steve doing his party piece.

And this is Jodie’s demo reel…

Do you want the VO read by Steve or Jodie?

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You'll be sent a 320k MP3.


Your radio questions answered

What is Bandwidth?

  • Bandwidth refers to the amount of data available to you. All our plans come with Unlimited bandwidth, so it’s nothing to worry about with us. 🙂

What is Storage?

  • That’s space on our hard drives for your audio files, such as music, pre-recorded shows and jingles etc. If you are broadcasting 24/7 direct from your studio computer then this may not be an issue for you.
  • An MP3 at 128k averages out at one meg per minute. That means 2GB of storage is roughly enough for 27 hours of music without playing a single track twice. Most FM stations have a playlist of just 300 songs. If they add a new track to the rotation, they take one out.

What does Listeners mean?

  • This is the number of your players (playing your broadcast) being used at any one time.

Do I need expensive gear?

  • You need a computer, software to play music, and a broadband internet connection from your studio/computer. All the rest is optional. Our rule of thumb is to use what you have and do it anyway. Then as your station builds, look at what else you need to make life easier. But a home computer or laptop is fine to kick off with.
  • Don’t be put off by what you read on the forums about what computer, software, mixer or microphone to use. Just do it, follow your passion.

Can I broadcast 24/7?

  • Yes. Use our free Auto DJ to cover the night shift.

Do I have to be a Tech-Head?

  • While it helps that you are comfortable with using web pages, this is an anorak-free area. But there are certain things you need. A computer, a collection of music, playout software, a broadband internet connection; and a microphone if you want to talk on air. Contact us with any questions – we want to help you. Bottom line, once you are set up broadcasting, you are away and can concentrate on the content.

Do I need a license?

  • You do not need a license to broadcast over the internet, but you will need licenses to pay royalties for the music you broadcast. We don’t sell them, but search for ‘music licensing’ in your country. It is up to you to ensure you are correctly licensed for the music you play.

How does it work?

  • We all know about sending data over the internet. Commonly it is website data, emails and social media messages. But internet radio sends multiple streams of audio instead of words and pictures.
  • There are two ways you can broadcast, and you will likely use both. The first is that you log into our CentovaCast system and broadcast live using your music/broadcast software.
  • The second way is to load music, station IDs and pre-recorded programs into the Auto DJ system and schedule them to play when you are not live.
  • With pre-recorded shows you can program Auto DJ to start and stop these shows to your requirements. Or fill a folder with MP3s and have them play sequentially or randomly. You can schedule station ID jingles to play out when you want, such as once every three songs.

How can people hear my broadcasts?

  • Your listeners can hear your broadcast via websites that feature your station’s audio player as well as via services you can send your unique radio stream URL to; such as TuneIn, iTunes Radio etc. When you subscribe we’ll send you all the details you need to get your station on the major Internet Radio Libraries.

Can I say what I like on air?

  • You are 100% responsible for what your broadcast. You are in the media now and need to follow the same rules and laws as any other broadcaster or media organization. Play nice and save yourself a bundle of legal trouble. Entertain, don’t offend (you never know who is listening).




Music licensing

You need a license to broadcast music

If you are broadcasting commercial music, then you will need to pay the performers, songwriters and ‘record’ companies their fair share.

Here are some of the organizations you will need to know about. Ask  us about Geo Blocking your broadcast so it can only be heard in countries where you want it to be heard.

This is not an exhaustive list or music licensing authorities, nor can we take responsibility for helping to point you in the right direction, so please do your own checks to ensure you are broadcasting within the rules/laws.

However, if you are broadcasting just talk radio with royalty-free music, then you might not need a license, still – it is worth checking.

New Zealand: OneMusic and APRA (you need a license from each organization).

Australia: PPCA

USA: BMI and ASCAP and SoundExchange


Germany: Gema and GVL

France: Secam

Netherlands: Bumastermra