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Centre Radio welcomes locally-made radio shows covering items of local interest to people living across the North Shore and Rodney. Programmes can include interviews with local people about local issues, and share ideas that may help others.

While we have no facilities to help you make a show, most people with a smartphone, an audio editing application and a bit of skill can produce something worthwhile. We are not the BBC, and encourage people to give making a show a go – don’t let a lack of top notch gear stop you.

There are a few ground rules though. Listeners need to clearly hear and understand what’s being said, and programs needs a clear structure; a beginning, a middle and an end.

And we recommend anyone wanting to make a show read our technical and legal guides on this website.


  1. How to interview people
  2. How to record interviews
  3. And read our guide on defamation law. You can avoid a lot of trouble to talking about the issues rather than the people.

We recommend your talk-based news reports shows be no longer than 10 minutes duration.

Talk shows and interviews can run up to 59 minutes. Programme makers will also need to supply a list of all music used in their shows.

There is a small fee to help cover operating expenses (hosting, streaming and licensing) and time spent checking over supplied shows for quality control. The fee is paid when the show is submitted for broadcast and based on the show’s duration.

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