Centre Radio is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is privately held. However, the ethos of the station is one of public service and family-friendly broadcasting offering a real variety of programming.

You can listen online or via wifi, and we are listed on TuneIn.com โ€“ download the free smartphone TuneIn app (see bottom of page) and search for Centre Radio โ€“ make it a favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

Centre Radio was brought to lifeย  as a hobby โ€˜radioโ€™ station on 1st May 2017 serving Albany, Silverdale and Orewa. Community groups in Rodney and the North Shore are offered free advertising for their events on the station.

We play the music we want, not having to rotate the same 50 songs โ€“ Centre Radio offers a broad spectrum of music and news shows.

The output of Centre Radio is music from across the decades with the accent being on prime cuts covering most popular genres โ€“ pop, dance, soul, jazz, rock and plenty of forgotten classics.

The future of radio is online (the smartphone is the new portable radio), which has opened the door to hobby stations such as this one (we don’t need an expensive transmitter). You can support online radio by sharing this website with friends and family.

Centre Radio is independent as it receives no external funding or grants.


Centre Radio

Community Radio for Albany

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